The 10 most unlikely participants to dance with the stars

Some of these celebrities received the lowest scores in “Dancing With The Stars” history.

On June 25, 2005 Dance with the stars Hit the air waves. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the show will air for the 30th time starting in 2021! DWTS is one of the most entertaining shows in television history. Who doesn’t love live music and dance? Then add celebrities in fabulous ball gowns and tuxedos for the tango and viewers have even more reason to watch this.

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DWTS has a shock factor because you never know who you might see performing the bachata or the merengue. Celebrities don’t have to be trained dancers to get on the show. All you need is dedication and dedication to learning the dance moves with a trained ballroom dancer by your side. Here are ten of the most unlikely DWTS candidates.

10 Nelly

Nelly on DWTS

Via: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In 2020 rapper Nelly joined DWTS season 29 with partner Daniella Karagach. The Hot In Herre rapper landed in an impressive third place. While Nelly wasn’t the best technical dancer this season, fans loved that he really enjoyed himself with a big smile. What makes Nelly an unlikely candidate is that he is known to be macho. The show, however, showed a softer side of him.

9 Snooki

Snooki on DWTS

Via: Sioux City Journal

Snooki joined DWTS ‘seventeenth season in 2008. She finished eighth and her highest score was 27. What made her an unlikely contestant was that she was an actress on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore. People only knew her as a partygoer but were pleasantly surprised to see her commitment to the show. Her elimination came as a shock to viewers and fans.

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8th Lil ‘Kim

Lil 'Kim on DWTS

Via: Life & Style

Some of Lil ‘Kim’s dance moves over the past few years while performing have now become a meme. However, some people may have forgotten that she was on DWTS for season eight in 2009. Rapper Lady Marmalade is known for her musicality in the sense that she could hold her own in a male-dominated rap industry, but no one imagined Lil ‘. Kim does the jive on live TV. Although she only finished 9th, she lit the screen, impressing and shocking fans.

7th vanilla icecream

Vanilla ice cream on DWTS

Via: NY Daily News

’90s rapper Vanilla Ice joined DWTS in 2016 during its 23rd season premiere. The rapper is best known for his song Ice Ice Baby. It was shocking to millions of viewers to see the star on TV after so long. Vanilla Ice, like Nelly and most male rappers, is known for his bravery. He finished tenth with an average score of 26 out of 30.

6th Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian on DWTS

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Kim Kardashian is the queen of controversy and is known for many things, but dancing is not. Kanye West’s soon-to-be ex-wife joined the show on season seven, finishing in 11th place. Her lowest score was 17 for her rumba. Judge Carrie Ann said it was apparent that reality TV star Keeping Up With The Kardashians had no performance experience. However, she praised her for having the opportunity to give everything.

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5 Steve-O

Steve-O, veganism and 13 years of sobriety

Via: Rolling Stone

Stephen Gilchrist Glover, known professionally as Steve-O, joined the show during season eight, finishing in eighth place. His average score was 15. Steve-O came as a surprise as he is known for his TV hijinks and performance stunts on the TV series Jackass. After his first appearance, Steve-O complained that he had pinched nerves and back cramps after falling on his microphone and that he was unable to perform for the second week. The judges judged Steve-O based on his dress rehearsal.

4th Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin on DWTS

Via: Insider

Kate Gosselin entered season 10 in 2010 after divorcing husband Ken Gosselin in 2009, which came as a shock to the world. The hit reality TV show John & Kate Plus 8 followed the ultimate test of her and her husband in raising twins and sextuplets. By week five, Gosselin was banned from the show, finishing in eighth place, with her lowest score being 15.

3 Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer will return to television in his new judging show

Via: vulture

Gerald Norman, better known as Jerry Springer, took 5th place in the third season of DWTS in 2006. His highest score was 24 for his Samba & Foxtrot. Being on the show came as a surprise, as he was best known for his dramatic tabloid talk show The Jerry Springer Show, which aired from 1991 to 2018. According to the Chicago Tribune, TV Guide called this show one of the worst ever. On the plus side, Springer wasn’t the worst dancer on DWTS.

2 Master P.

Master P on DWTS

Via: New York Daily News

Master P, who joined the DWTS team, was a surprise as the founder of No Limit Records was never known to be interested in dancing. His son, rapper Romeo, was supposed to be in season two but dropped out due to an injury. Master P took his place. The rapper and producer took 7th place. His lowest score was an eight, his average score was an eleven, and his highest score was a 16.

1 Carole Baskin

Carole Baskin DWTS as a lion

Via: Film Daily

Carole Baskin joined DWTS Season 29 in 2020, finishing in 14th place. Her lowest score on the show was 12. Baskin attracted a lot of publicity for being part of the 2020 Netflix documentary series Tiger King. The documentary follows the feud between her and the private zookeeper Joe Exotic. Baskin became a meme due to the conspiracies surrounding his missing second husband, Don Lewis. Ironically, she danced to Eye of the Tiger on DWTS.

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