Tata Consultancy Providers is increasing its Cincinnati, Ohio campus

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Tata Consultancy Services, a global leader in information technology services, consulting and business solutions and part of the India-based Tata Group, plans to expand its business by hiring more than 800 local employees on the Seven Hills Park campus outside of Cincinnati , Ohio.

To meet the growing demand for IT talent and meet the needs of the local population, TCS will invest more than $ 518 million in Ohio over the next two years and anticipate double participation in its award-winning STEM and computer science K-12 educational programs through 2022.

“The pandemic changed the way companies view technology and required them to demonstrate its purpose and value to consumers. Our close relationships with the wider Cincinnati business community ensure that we continue to deliver innovative transformational solutions to meet changing customer expectations said Surya Kant, chairman of North America, TCS. “Ohio is also a key location for TCS to recruit and train the best local talent. Our commitment to delivering STEM and computer science classes in local schools shows our commitment to the local community.”

TCS ‘Cincinnati Center, one of the company’s 30 locations in the United States, serves more than 160 customers across the state of Ohio and has hired 1,337 local employees since 2017. In addition, TCS has hired 244 students from local Ohio universities for jobs in the United States over the past five years, including 18 area graduates in 2020 who took part in a virtual internship program.

“Ohio has a great partner in TCS who launched its North American STEM education effort in Cincinnati more than a decade ago,” said JP Nauseef, President and CEO of JobsOhio. “As the global leader in IT consulting, TCS can grow throughout the North American market and choose to create 800 new jobs in Ohio.”

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