Spielberg donates money for the Genesis Prize to groups for racial justice


Steven Spielberg

(JTA) – Steven Spielberg donates his Genesis Prize proceeds to Jewish and non-Jewish groups that campaign for racist and economic justice and voting rights.

The Prize Foundation announced that the film director would double the $ 1 million prize with his own money and split it among 10 organizations including Black Voters Matter and the Jewish of Color Initiative.

“Judaism and Jewish history begin with two narratives: Genesis and Exodus, stories about creation and liberation from oppression, about the discovery of the moral voice and human dignity,” Spielberg said in a statement. “From these reports emerge the ethical principles that command us to work for a more just and just world.”

The other groups receiving grants are Avodah, a Jewish group that deals with “the most pressing social and economic problems in our country.” the collaborative for Jewish organization; Dayenu – A Jewish Call for Climate Protection; Justice for migrant women; the National Domestic Workers Alliance; the Native American Rights Fund; A fair wage; and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, the activism wing of the movement. Many of them have pledged to reduce their efforts

Amblin by Republican lawmakers at the state level to drive back voting.

Black Voters Matter is in line with the organization Black Lives Matter, which was criticized by parts of the Jewish community for its Israel platform in 2016. It has since changed its political platform

Specifically, the Genesis Prize statement included a comment from President Joe Biden.

“Steven, I am inspired by the way your Judaism has forced you to confront the ugly forces of hate and intolerance with the healing power of truth and love,” said Biden.

The award with the nickname “The Jewish Nobel Prize” honors “exceptional personalities for their outstanding professional achievements, their contribution to humanity and their commitment to Jewish values”.

All previous recipients, including Michael Douglas, Michael Bloomberg, Natalie Portman, and Natan Sharansky, have donated their profits to philanthropic causes.

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