Some streets and Belterra reopen because the Ohio River recedes

The sections of Kellogg Road and Eight Mile Road in Anderson Township reopened after flooding closed them.

But other roads in the townships of Anderson, Miami and Whitewater will remain closed, Hamilton County engineer Eric Beck said in a press release.

Belterra Park Cincinnati was due to reopen to the public at 5 a.m. tonight.

The Racino at 6301 Kellogg Road in Anderson Township had been temporarily closed due to flooding along the Ohio River.

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Reopened streets in Anderson Township:

  • Kellogg Road between Four Mile Road and Belterra Park Cincinnati.
  • Eight Mile Road between US 52 and Old Kellogg Road.
  • Old Kellogg Road on Eight Mile Road.
  • Sutton Road on Kellogg Road.
  • Kellogg Road from US 52 in a westerly direction.

Gary Deyo, a Flood Restoration Water Removal and Cleanup employee, washes dirt and debris from the parking lot of Murray's Tavern on Kellogg Avenue in the East End on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Blocked Streets in Anderson Township:

  • Four Mile Road between Gwendolyn Drive and Kellogg Road.
  • Kellogg Road between Sutton Road and Four Mile Road.
  • Eight mile road between Old Kellogg Road and Hopper Road.
  • Debolt Road in Clear Creek Park.

Justin Joy, a Flood Restoration Water Removal and Cleanup employee, removes debris from the Ohio River flooding from the floor of Peddlers Flea Market on Kellogg Avenue in the East End.

Closed street in Miami Township:

  • Lawrenceburg Road between US 50 and Miamiview Road.

Closed street in Whitewater Township:

  • Lawrenceburg Road between Stephens Road and Suspension Bridge Road.

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