Senate candidate Tim Ryan is campaigning freeze in the state of Ohio

Rep. Tim Ryan speaks to the Ohio State College Democrats Thursday night on topics ranging from economic recovery to the 2022 midterm elections. Photo credit: Tom Hanks | Lantern reporter

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH-13) visited the Ohio State John Glenn College of Public Affairs Thursday evening to promote his Senate campaign in conjunction with the Ohio State College Democrats.

In a one-hour talk, Ryan touched on topics from the economic recovery after COVID-19 to the January 6th uprising in the U.S. Capitol ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

“Young people – college students – are going to be a big part of our coalition,” said Ryan. “You are facing a terrible economy, student debt and climate change. They are students now, but in a year or two they will be part of the workforce. ”

Since 2003, Ryan has represented the 13th Congressional District of Ohio, which is made up of areas south of Cleveland – including the city of Youngstown, according to the US agent website.

Ryan is running to replace outgoing Senator Rob Portman, who announced his decision not to seek another term in 2022, citing a “partisan infarction” according to a Jan. 25 Press release from Portman’s office.

“I run to rebalance the field and get the workers involved in the deal,” said Ryan.

Ryan is part of a crowded race – including names like political nominee Morgan Harper, former Treasurer Josh Mandel, and former 2017-21 Ohio Republican Party Chair Jane Timken, according to them Associated press.

Ronald Holmes, president of the Ohio State College Democrat, said the Senate seat was viable for the Democrats.

“We got Congressman Ryan into office because we firmly believe the seat is winable,” said Holmes, a fifth year political science student. “We offer students the opportunity to ask MPs about their political perspectives and why they are running.”

Cal Ruebensaal, president of the Ohio State College Republicans Chapter, said he found Ryan’s visit to Ohio “abhorrent”.

“Tim Ryan is so upset in his political stance – Ohioans don’t know if he’s a moderate Democrat eligible for election in the state of Ohio, or if he’s a left-wing socialist like AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) or not. or Rashida Tlaib, ”said Ruebensaal, mechanical engineer in the third year. “The fact that he came to the state of Ohio and tried to speak to us on the same level as other candidates with actual politics is abhorrent to me.”

Ryan said if elected college students can expect an increase in support for higher education in the Senate

“In the House of Representatives, I voted to increase the Pell grants and give students the ability to renegotiate and waive loans,” said Ryan. “That is good for the student and good for the economy.”

The Pell Grant is a federal grant program that supports students from low-income households. The scholarships do not have to be repaid US Department of Education.

Holmes added that while Ryan would like to see a more progressive candidate, he is currently the most suitable candidate for the Ohio Senate race.

“If you look at the political climate in Ohio, now is not the time for a more progressive candidate,” he said. “A moderate voice is what Ohio needs now.”

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