Scientists click photo of oldest spiral galaxy in the universe, Science News

The shape of the galaxies matters more than we think. Dark matter brings together hot gas right from the start of its formation. This forms stars and further leads to the formation of an incorrectly shaped galaxy. When the galaxy “matures” and begins to spin on itself, a spiral galaxy can form. The spiral shape of a galaxy creates more stars, and some stars can even form planets that have life. Our Milky Way is one such spiral galaxy.

In other words, the spiral shape of our galaxy is directly related to the human experience.

Scientists have now clicked on an image of the oldest spiral galaxy in the universe. This galaxy was formed 12.4 billion years ago. This means that it was formed only 1.4 billion years after the Big Bang.

The galaxy was officially named BRI 1335-0417. The image was clicked on as part of a study that has now been published in Science magazine. It was clicked on by an Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in Chile.

The ALMA telescope also has the distinction of clicking on the image of another galaxy that was once considered the oldest spiral galaxy in the universe.

Although the newly clicked BRI 1335-0417 is the oldest spiral galaxy in the universe, it is not the oldest galaxy we have observed. This place is held by the galaxy called GNz11. It was observed last December.

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