Science-themed wall art design ideas that will make your home look great

Being a science lover doesn’t mean you can’t have attractive wall design. Science itself isn’t boring, so it shouldn’t be you! There are tons and hundreds of nerdy wall art out there. Science is beautiful, and you can import that beauty into your room with various unique designs.

Not sure how to proceed? Worry less! Check out some of the best science-based ideas that will improve your home design.

1. Chemical Science Wall Art Designs

Chemistry is one of the backbones of science. Mixing chemicals is an art because it gives off lots of exciting colors. Why not research these colors for your house walls?

Chemistry-themed wall designs can include a variety of creatively organized laboratory equipment. It can also be different chemicals or indicate specific chemical processes, and you can also pass a message with a precise mix of colors.

2. World map wall art

Geography and environmental awareness are a big part of science. Do you have dreams of traveling around the world one day? Or are you fascinated by things on the other side of the world? You can start navigating from the comfort of your room.

Beautify your wall with fantastic world map wall art in different colors. Some of these card designs can provide specific information about some corners of the world. For example, certain colors can provide information about population density or vegetation. Here’s How You Can Learn How To Beautify!

3. Human Anatomy Wall Designs

No! It’s not scary. You are not trying to create a surgical world or a medical laboratory, after all. Some creative wall art for human anatomy works great for walls at home.

Aside from the fact that they will beautify your wall, they are primarily educational. Some common human anatomy wall arts are human brain infographics, skin anatomy, etc. These unique arts are available in bright and attractive colors.

4. Genetics and Biochemistry

Genetics is another exciting part of science that will look great on your wall. These conductor coils made of DNA and RNAs can make stunning designs on your wall with good colors. The arts available for this option are flexible.

You can easily make them anything that fits your wall. The colors and dimensions are flexible. So you can still keep your favorite color while having amazing works of art at the same time.

5. Periodic table

The periodic table is an arrangement of chemical elements. In order not to get too scientific, they are numbers and alphabet codes that are used to represent chemical elements. They are arranged in precise order, but you can give them your preferred arrangement.

Two things are impressive about this art design. First, you can mix as much paint as you want to use. Second, you can rearrange the letter codes in these items for precise words. For example, oxygen (O), lithium (Li), vanadium (V) and erbium (Er) can make up the word “OLIVER” in a work of art! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?


The design of your walls can tell a lot about who you are and what you love. Not all guests who visit your home have the opportunity to meet you. But the inscriptions and arts on your wall can leave a lasting impression.

Science enthusiasts are not prevented from expressing their interests in an artistic language on their home walls. There are several scientific wall art waiting for your exploration. The list above has a few ideas. Scientific ideas can help you generate some artistic value for house walls!

Jenna Walter

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