Science News Summary: Vaccinated Pregnant Women Pass On Protective Antibodies To Babies; Good Friends and Fresh Blood: the Social Life of a Vampire Bat and More

Below is a summary of the latest scientific news.

Good friends and fresh blood: the social life of a vampire bat

When you think of vampire bats, friendship and collaboration may not be among the qualities that come to mind to these blood-eating creatures of the night. But maybe they should. Scientists on Thursday provided a deeper understanding of the social relationships between vampire bats and showed how those who have forged bonds like “friendships” with others will hang out with these pals while looking for a meal.

Vaccinated pregnant women pass on protective antibodies to babies

Below is a summary of some recent studies on COVID-19. This includes research that warrants further studies to confirm the results and that has yet to be certified through peer review. Vaccinated pregnant women pass on antibodies to babies

AstraZeneca is investing in Imperial’s self-amplifying RNA technology with future drugs in mind

AstraZeneca Plc reached an agreement with the company behind Imperial College London’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday to develop and sell drugs based on its self-amplifying RNA technology platform in other disease areas. Under the agreement, VaxEquity, a startup founded by Imperial vaccinologist Robin Shattock, could receive up to $ 195 million if certain milestones are met, in addition to licensing fees for approved drugs and equity investments from AstraZeneca and the life science company Investor Morningside Ventures.

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