Science News Summary: SpaceX Capsule With World’s First All-Civil Orbital Crew Returns Safe; A ukulele in space? Inspiration4 Crew shows a playful side in orbit and more

Below is a summary of the latest scientific news.

A ukulele in space? Inspiration4 Crew shows a playful side in orbit

A 42-year-old data engineer on the first all-civilian astronaut crew to reach orbit wrote space history on Friday with a zero gravity ukulele performance in a SpaceX capsule hundreds of miles above the surface of the earth. Chris Sembroski, a Lockheed Martin employee and U.S. Air Force veteran, strummed a few chords for the audience at home during a 10-minute show-and-tell session by the Inspiration4 team of four as they went about 17,500 mph flew (28,000 km / h) over Europe.

SpaceX capsule with the world’s first purely civilian orbital crew returns safely

The quartet of freshly minted civil astronauts that comprise the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission landed safely in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida on Saturday and completed a three-day flight of the first all-civilian crew ever to orbit. The successful launch and return of the mission, the latest in a series of rocket-propelled expeditions funded by its billion-dollar passengers, marked another milestone in the fledgling commercial astrotourism industry 60 years after the start of manned space travel.

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