Science News Summary: “Reef Stars” Promote New Growth in Bali’s Dying Coral Ecosystem; Jamming with the Cicadas in New Jersey: One Event in 17 Years and More

Below is a summary of the latest scientific news.

Jamming with the cicadas in New Jersey: one event in 17 years

For some in the US, the appearance of billions of red-eyed cicadas this spring after a 17-year slumber is upset – especially at their loud buzzing cries.

But for David Rothenberg, professor of philosophy and music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, it is a unique opportunity to work together.

‘Reef stars’ encourage new growth in Bali’s dying coral ecosystem

With a snorkel and protective gloves, Pariama Hutasoit dives into the clear water off the Indonesian island of Bali to remove plastic from a “reef star” that was installed by her conservation group to encourage new coral growth. The Nusa Dua Foundation has installed nearly 6,000 of the stars, hexagonal steel structures about one meter in diameter, in coral reefs across Bali. The stars bridge gaps in the reefs where corals have died and aid in regrowth.

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