Richard Sherman claims Marshawn Lynch 2.0 is in San Fran

As a recent guest on The Chris Collinsworth Podcast, star cornerback Richard Sherman spoke about some of his teammates for the San Francisco 49ers and recalled his time with the Seattle Seahawks. One of his ex-teammates, Marshawn Lynch, is considered one of the NFL’s biggest setbacks during his time. His personality doesn’t make him likeable, but Lynch is known for running violently through opposing defenses.

Apparently, Sherman believes Marshawn Lynch 2.0 is currently playing for the 49ers, only he acts as the broad receiver. It seems like Deebo Samuel, the sophomore recipient, shares some similarities with Marshawn Lynch.

Deebo Samuel is just different 👽

– PFF (@PFF) March 10, 2021

It’s quite a comparison when you consider that most receivers in the NFL avoid contact and use their quickness and speed to evade tacklers. However, according to Sherman, Samuel is just built differently, according to NBC Sports.

“It’s something you definitely never see in receivers, sometimes you see it out of setbacks,” Sherman said of his 49ers teammate. “He’s like a contact hunter. And he always thinks he can do it. “

Samuel could very well be an enforcer lined up on the sidelines. He’s 5-11 and weighs 214 pounds, which makes him a min-truck on the field when he’s got the ball in his hands. He proved his toughness in his rookie year by being one of the best in yards after the catch with 12.9.

Unfortunately, Samuel was injured in 2020, but he should be fine next year. The 49ers should be able to get back on track upon his return, as should George Kittle. San Francisco suffered from injuries that dashed all playoff hopes last season. It will be interesting to see what the 49ers are doing this off-season as they try to get back to the Super Bowl.

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