RGH uses new technology to prevent ruptured aneurysms

Rochester General Hospital claims to be the first New York state hospital to use new vascular technologies that can help prevent ruptured aneurysms.

The hospital is beginning to use Gore Exclusions to help patients in need of endovascular aneurysm repairs. Patients can rupture an aneurysm if left untreated. This is one of the leading causes of death in the United States

Doctors say some patients who previously did not qualify for surgery can now have it.

The new technology also gives doctors more control over the treatment of patients, reducing the risk of complications and a patient’s recovery time.

“It enables us to offer more and more patients this minimally invasive approach with just one night in the hospital, as opposed to such long recovery periods,” said vascular surgeon Dr. Ryan Lydon.

Doctors say the treatment options patients now have available include open surgical or endovascular repair.

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