Republican Party Headquarters in Ohio is introducing a list of tax liens

The Ohio Republican Party headquarters on the corner of 5th Street and Rich Street in downtown Columbus appeared on the list of liens for sale next month because taxes on them had not been paid in full. Franklin County’s treasurer spokesman Bob Vitale said the properties on that list have been lagging behind for some time.

“If someone is in debt for more than 18 months, the property is eligible for this sale,” he said.

Vitale said the Ohio Republican Party paid no tax in the second half of 2019, paid no tax in 2020, and paid no tax in the first half of that calendar year. The ORP paid a total of $ 48,938.01 in August but still owed $ 3,501.92 in outstanding fees and appraisals.

Paying Ohio Republican Party property tax for August 2021

The Statehouse News Bureau contacted the party Thursday morning to see why it was on the list. Vitale said the $ 3,501.92 payment was made around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, a few hours after the Statehouse News Bureau first contacted the party. Vitale said that payment means the party’s tax bill is now up to date.

    Statement by Tricia McLaughlin of the Ohio Republican Party

Tricia McLaughlin

Statement by Tricia McLaughlin of the Ohio Republican Party

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Matt Keyes

Statement by Matt Keyes of the Ohio Democratic Party

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