Reports: Monkeys at large in the Cincinnati cemetery

Local reports claim the monkeys did not come from the Cincinnati Zoo but were from a private collection.

WASHINGTON – According to local reports, police are looking for about five monkeys that are at large in Cincinnati, Ohio Thursday morning.

According to the WLWT, officers received a call around 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening about the monkeys discovered in a cemetery in the West Prince Hill neighborhood. Witnesses told the news channel that some of the primates were about six feet tall, but different races.

Fox19 said the monkeys were not from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, but that officials asked the zoo for help in rounding them up. The monkeys are believed to have come from a private collection.

The investigator said the zoo was helping to assess the situation. A spokesman for the zoo told the newspaper late Wednesday that efforts would have to begin Thursday because “nothing can be done in the dark”.

A video posted on Facebook allegedly shows the monkeys in a tree.

A Fox19 reporter reported Thursday morning that there were no signs of monkeys in the cemetery yet.

More about the monkeys:
Spoiler alert, kids … no sightings … not yet. @ FOX19

– Lauren Artino (@ FOX19Lauren) April 8, 2021

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