Reds lose Heath Hembree due to waivers to the Mets

The Cincinnati Reds lost emergency responder Heath Hembree due to waivers given to the New York Mets. Hembree was nominated for Tuesday after his performance against the Chicago Cubs in which he allowed five deserved runs while only two outs in the 8th inning of a 14-5 win.

Heath Hembree got off to a strong start with the Reds in 2021. From April 23 to May 15, he only allowed one hit and two walks without giving up a deserved run in 9.2 innings, while he hit 11 big time battles that hit the 15th earned runs over the next 14 games, covering 13.0 innings, while allowing eight home runs.

Then he just became dominant again for the next month. He posed in 13 games and allowed only two runs in 12.2 innings without allowing a homer. Then the wheels fell off again, beginning July 26 when he allowed 13 runs in nine bets that spanned just 7.0 innings.

The epitome of inconsistency as it was. When it was on, it was really on. But when he was gone he was REALLY OFF.

Joey Votto’s real inspiration for his turnaround

You may remember the game in San Diego earlier this year when Joey Votto was kicked out of a game and a young girl in the crowd who happened to be a huge Joey Votto fan was shown crying and very upset at the fact that her favorite dish would no longer be in the game. That little girl’s name was Abigail, and all well, that ends well. Votto was the great guy he is and made sure to talk to her and her family.

John Ford seemed to see this dividing line as the “turning point” of the season for Joey Votto, and well, the evidence is strong.

Joey Votto before the Abigail game:
.234 / .327 / .441 105 wRC +
Joey Votto since the Abigail game:
.316 / .407 / .674 177wRC +

– John Ford (@ kingofchapter1) August 20, 2021

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