Readers concerned about breaking scientific news

I found the article, “Scientific Panel: Think Air-Cooling Technology As A Climate Change”, on page 6A of the March 27 weekend issue, interesting and rather scary.

Not so long ago we would all die and the world would soon end because we used aerosols, mostly fluorocarbons, which would destroy the atmosphere. Now, “scientists” are basically considering doing the deed on purpose. Even citing Abraham Lincoln’s name to bolster their claims. I’ve found consolation in reading that some realize this is a “stupid idea” but then would they consider doing it in some way?

If an article that claims to be science based uses terms like dangerous side effects, stupid ideas, many risks, unacceptable risks, moral hazard, and questionable technology, I hope that idea is soon forgotten. But then we’ll have to spend $ 40 million, I suppose, taxpayers’ money on another boondoggle with bugs everywhere. Again, I comforted myself by considering potential “political ramifications”, but then again, these nine creepiest words in English come into play: “I’m from the government and here to help.”



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