Randstad US introduces technology tools to get employees safely back to work

As employees continue to return to the office, security concerns increase. Randstad has responded with a new range of technological solutions that include temperature and mask detection, contactless time entry and access points. Let’s take a closer look!

April 13, 2021 – More than two-thirds of American workers say they “don’t feel completely safe” in their workplace – 25 percent say they will look for a new job if their employer doesn’t put in place new long-term protocols . There is increasing pressure on employers to ensure return to work is managed safely. “Workers are very attentive to the steps employers are taking to make their workplaces safer and healthier, especially when it comes to air quality and compliance with safety guidelines, which have not been a problem for some people,” said Vimal Kapur , President and President of Vimal Kapur CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies.

To help American employers plan the safe return of workers and the public to public spaces, Randstad US is introducing a suite of technology tools to help companies protect public health and help companies comply with changing safety policies . “Getting back to the office safely remains a challenge, especially with new public health protocols that can pose a health risk to enforcement personnel,” said Pascal de Hesselle, Principal at Randstad Technologies Group. “Randstad will work with employers to automate and implement key aspects of workplace safety in order to minimize the risk for employers and employees alike.”

Randstad’s “back-to-office” solutions include technology services that employers can use to implement health care protocols and contactless access to workplaces or public spaces, and to ensure the widespread use of masks in the workplace.

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The latest guidelines from the Center for Disease Control indicate that companies can play a “key role in preventing the spread” of COVID-19 and recommend performing health and temperature assessments, cleaning, and disinfecting high-contact surfaces on a regular basis in an institution and the enforcement of federal and state mask mandates. Randstad Technologies Group, the technology arm of Randstad US, works with companies to determine their specific needs based on type of space, traffic volume and other criteria, providing companies with a tailored technology solution that is appropriate for people and technology systems and business processes .

Randstad’s new offerings include end-to-end screening at elevated temperatures, which enables real-time screening across multiple entry and exit points of employees / visitors, assembly points and other high-volume areas. innovative mask detection technology that ensures compliance with mask wearing protocols and provides employers with real-time updates; and non-contact devices and monitoring systems to support non-contact time entry and building access to reduce the risk of exposure from contact with shared services.

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“While vaccinations are on the rise, employers and companies still cannot afford to relax their public health protocols,” said de Hesselle. “Randstad is committed to worker safety and is ready to help employers use the latest ‘no-touch’ technology to stay on top of the latest health policies and promote public health in the workplace.” Randstad, who have reviewed and reviewed a number of technological solutions to this end, will work with executives in any industry or company to select the right solution for them based on unique challenges and circumstances.

A smart and safe reopening

“The pandemic forever changed the American workplace, much like 9/11 changed the way Americans fly,” said de Hesselle. “One of the biggest challenges for companies is to enable a smart and safe reopening. As a partner for workforce solutions, Randstad uses its rapid installation and management skills to help companies get back to normal, as technology alone cannot solve this problem. Solutions need to be properly implemented and managed and integrated with HR processes to ensure that the necessary safeguards are in place, ”he said. “Even if vaccinations increase, workplaces will need to have measures such as temperature controls and other health checks to ensure the continued safety of their workforce.”

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As more states and cities lift restrictive business measures as coronavirus cases decline, the employment economy continues to show signs of improvement. Will organizations and top executives be ready to handle a rapid recovery? How effectively organizational leaders ascend on the occasion will play a critical role in the structure and pace of recovery, said Jodi Chavez, president of Tatum. In a recent interview with Hunt Scanlon Media, Ms. Chavez unpacks the vulnerabilities and opportunities faced by four key leadership roles – CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and CHROs – for insights and answers.

“While the pandemic has changed the way people work, many employers are still telling us that they will be present in some form in the office or on-site, and in some cases employers need to greet workers on-site again, to fulfill a role, “said mr. de Hesselle. “For example, laboratory assistants still have to be on site to carry out elements of their work. In addition, companies have visitors (customers, suppliers, etc.) and these numbers will also grow with the new normal. To protect workplace health and safety, employers are looking for new technologies that will prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19 and other mutations. The Randstad Technology Group helps companies meet these needs and identify the right technologies to achieve their goals. “

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Randstad Technologies Group has a long history of reviewing, recommending and defining technological solutions to pressing problems for businesses in a wide variety of industries. The company has provisioned and installed more than 500,000 devices and conducts an average of 20,000 site visits each year. Rapid deployment of technology in large regions is a strength of Randstad Technologies’ infrastructure practice. Examples of this are the complete migration of branch technology in over 400 retail banks in a single weekend and the provision of equipment in over three thousand chain restaurants in just four months.

Youngest alliance

Randstad US and Udemy have teamed up to offer free training courses to American workers who have either already been placed or are currently searching for roles through Randstad’s job network. The alliance focuses on providing access to the skills needed to improve job mobility in mainly technical sectors. “We partnered with Udemy to ensure our talent has access to the fresh, quality content they need to become and stay employable in the ever-changing job market,” said Jennifer Seith, senior vice president for product strategy and innovation at Randstad US. “The pandemic has shown the importance of equipping every American with versatile skills that can be easily transferred to growth industries, especially technology. This partnership will allow talent in Randstad’s network to focus on improving their skills in order to grow in their current roles and better position themselves for future roles. “

“Udemy is proud to partner with forward-thinking organizations like Randstad that are directly aligned with our mission to improve lives through learning,” said Stephanie Stapleton, vice president, customer success, Udemy. “As the skills required for almost any job are constantly changing, this partnership provides access to development opportunities that are actionable, dynamic and address individuals at their specific moment of need.”

The partnership is part of Randstad US’s contribution to the Promise to American Workers, a national initiative to train and retrain workers to transfer their skills to more in-demand industries. Through the initiative, Randstad US is committed to upskilling 40,000 US workers – and building a more resilient workforce in a challenging economy exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; and Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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