Prognos Health announces patent-pending technology

NEW YORK, April 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Prognos Health, a leader in health analytics platforms, announced today that its proprietary technology, FACTOR Logic ™ – the lightning-fast data storage technology that powers the PrognosFACTOR® platform – is now patent pending. Leveraging more than a decade of patient-centric data experience, the new technology is designed to query billions of data points from 325 million unidentified patients from the Prognos Marketplace and return responses to multivariable queries in less than a second.

“When we set out to bring PrognosFACTOR to market, we knew we needed a powerful technology solution that would address the unique challenges of big data in healthcare,” he said Jason Bhan, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer of Prognos Health. “While trying a combination of some of the most advanced technologies available on the market, we could not find any technology that could effectively store and query health data to generate the necessary response times. The Prognos team rose to the challenge and developed it FACTOR Logic, which has the ability to instantly generate responses based on individual patient data points. It’s a real game changer for the industry. ”

Driven by an agile and innovative culture, the engineers, data scientists and clinicians at Prognos designed, built and launched FACTOR Logic and the PrognosFACTOR platform. With the performance and speed of FACTOR Logic, prognostosFACTOR creates a new way of accessing, managing and querying patient-centered data down to the biomarker level.

The patent will cover FACTOR Logic’s unique ability to partition data for millions of patients, use raw parallelism with no synchronization mechanism for improved performance, store information in memory to provide a purely patient-centric storage mechanism, provide dynamic views of the data, and quickly Return query results. By accelerating clinically specific, data-driven decisions, the patent reaffirms Prognos’ commitment to transform the way the industry accesses and gains value from health data.

About Prognos Health
Prognos Health is the leading company for clinically focused data and analysis platforms. With the PrognosFACTOR® platform, billions of fully integrated laboratory and health records from more than 325 million unidentified patients can be queried to answer or uncover important health care questions in minutes, not months. Prognos enables the agile exchange of integrated, patient-centered data between key players in the healthcare sector directly from the Prognos marketplace. Customers and partners leverage the company’s patent-pending technology and benefit from a range of analytics applications including cohort design, patient travel studies, omnichannel marketing, and more. More information is available at For more information on FACTOR Logic, see the whitepaper.

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