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The University of Cincinnati soccer team defeated the University of Houston 38-10 at Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Austin Gayle stepped away from his aspirations in math class at San Diego State University to pursue a career in analyzing the prospects for professional football. As the presenter of 2 for 1 Drafts, a podcast for beginners and the prospect, Gayle has deep insights and hot insights into everything football-related.

When Gayle was a sophomore coaching high school soccer player in San Diego, he realized that a career as a coach was not for him. He started his own website to meet his interest in sports writing. Gayle wrote unpaid out of sheer passion before taking up his first paid position at Fox Sports San Diego.

After receiving opportunities from the San Diego Union-Tribune and USA Today, Gayle began his career at Pro Football Focus (PFF) as a data collector during his senior year of college.

Gayle now works for the PFF Cincinnati facility. Gayle was drawn to the “small startup trying to grow fast” aspect of PFF and hoped to evolve into writing opportunities within PFF.

As an analyst, Gayle is convinced of the Bearcat’s prospects. “Desmond Ridder is definitely entering the league, [Ridder] is a legitimate quarterback prospect in the 2021 class, “Gayle said.

Gayle’s recent conversation with former National Football League quarterback and current QB coach Jordan Palmer sparked a discussion about Ridder. Palmer, who has coached some of the best QBs in the NFL, plans to coach Ridder in preparation for the NFL. Palmer complementarily compared Ridder to Jordan Love, who currently plays QB for the Green Bay Packers.

Regarding Ridder’s future, “I wouldn’t be surprised if we talked about Ridder as a suspension by April on the second day,” said Gayle of the three-day NFL draft.

Gayle is deeply interested in Cincinnati’s senior safety James Wiggins and firmly believes he is the current Bearcat to “make it big” in the league. “”[Wiggins] is one of the better athletes in the

Group of five, “Gayle said, referring to his late invitation to the Senior Bowl, which only invites the best senior college football talent.

The Senior Bowl offers a “real opportunity to add to its inventory,” said Gayle, referring to Wiggins’ likely chances of being the first Bearcat to be included in the 2021 draft.

Gayle believes other senior defenders, including Jarrell White, Darrick Forrest and Coby Bryant, “must impress in the interview process and show NFL-class athleticism in the Combine” to stand a chance in the league.

In Gayle’s opinion, “The [Gerrid] Doak’s conversation has to start with the injuries. “Gayle compares Cincinnati’s senior running back; Doak struggles with injuries at UC, much like Mike Boon, the former UC who is now running back the Minnesota Viking.

Gayle isn’t convinced of Doak’s future in the NFL. “If he shows a speed below 4.5, that matters,” said Gayle, referring to how “interchangeable” the RB position is in the NFL. “People chase athletes” in terms of the importance of Doaks proving he’s an athlete and not just a 6’0 “230 lbs. Run back.

Gayle didn’t curtail former UC defenseman Michael Warren’s success, but says he wasn’t invited to the NFL combine because he was “not a legitimate athlete” and executed a 4.5-second 40-yard shot .

Regarding Warren’s current NFL fight and Doak’s future, Gayle said, “If you’re not a legitimate athlete and you don’t have a legitimate speed, finding a place in the NFL backfield will be very difficult.”

When asked about the future of Warren and former Bearcat teammate Josiah Deguara, Gayle stressed the importance of having these two “play a role on special teams”.

On board Luke Fickell’s hype train, Gayle says, “Fickell will pick the litter,” suggesting Fickell’s potential to leave Cincinnati. Similarly, Gayle excites Cincinnati fans: “It is so hard to speculate about Fickell’s decision because it will be very intrinsic to his motivation.”

Gayle confidently believes that if Fickell stays or goes, UC will be one of the better programs in the Group of Five. According to Gayle, UC’s future depends on the recruitment path they have in place and the surplus of football talent that Ohio produces.

Austin Gayle’s hot version of “2 for 1 Drafts” can be heard every Monday and Wednesday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube.

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