President Joe Biden visits Ohio on Tuesday

President Joe Biden visited Ohio for the first time as president on Tuesday.

Biden stopped in Columbus to celebrate the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, passed by Barack Obama during his tenure as Vice President, and visited Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital, which recently received an ACA-linked US $ 100 million grant – Dollars of radiation received oncology upgrades.

“This place is a source of hope,” said the president on Tuesday evening, thanking the doctors and staff at James Cancer Hospital and the Solove Research Institute.

The president also confirmed Monday’s mass shooting in a Boulder supermarket that killed 10 people. When Biden found out he had spoken to the Attorney General and the FBI director about the shooting, he also praised the “exploits” of Officer Eric Talley, who died responding to the shooting.

Pointing out several provisions of the US rescue plan during his visit, Biden said the US will have around 600 million doses of coronavirus vaccines by the end of May, “enough for every American”.

By tomorrow, Biden said, the U.S. will have distributed $ 100 million to 1,400 direct payments for COVID-19 relief.

“There is so much more, but help is here,” said the president.

Before Biden’s visit, heads of state discussed Monday how the American rescue plan’s child tax credit has helped parents in Ohio.

Rep. Janine Boyd, executive director of the Children’s Defense Fund in Ohio; Tracy Nájera, executive director of the Women’s Public Policy Network and member of Columbus City Council, Elizabeth Brown, discussed child tax credit and how it will help families in Ohio.

A study by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities found that the child tax credit will help parents of nearly 2.4 million Ohio children afford expenses such as rent and food. The same study found that nearly 300,000 Ohio children are being lifted above the poverty line.

The child tax credit begins July 2021 and is a monthly payment of $ 300 per child under 6 and $ 250 per child under 17. This loan could help nearly 40% of the children in the city of Cincinnati who live below the poverty line.

“Everyone hates the idea of ​​child poverty,” Brown said. “I think it only becomes much more personal when you, as a parent, have the experience of meeting your child’s needs and understanding the desperation parents feel when they are unable to meet those needs.”

Biden left John Glenn International Airport on Air Force One just before 7 p.m.

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