Polish students are honored at the Utica College Science Fair

POLAND – An eighth grader from Poland Central School won the Junior Level Grand Championship when Polish students took home a total of 23 awards at Utica College’s virtual regional science fair.

Lily Martin’s winning project was entitled “The Effect of Acid Rain on Plants”. In addition to winning the Junior Level Grand Championship, her project took first place in the natural sciences category.

Polish students qualified for the Utica College Regional Science Fair by winning prizes at the Polish Virtual Science Fair.

“Needless to say, we are very proud of the hard work and dedication of all of our students who attended the regional fair,” said Polish science teacher Jessica Meyer.

Meyer and Poland’s science teacher Kevin Ford was the coordinator of the 33rd Annual Polish Science Fair, which was practically its first this year. Nineteen Polish students attended the Utica College regional science fair. The winners were announced on March 30th.

The eighth grader of the Polish central school district, Lily Martin, fills soil into plant cups for her scientifically fair project

Further award winners were:

Junior Level Overall:

Liana Varauk took third place in physics.

Overall winner at senior level:

Seth Walther, the runner-up overall winner in math / technology, also won the Norman P. Bernstein Award.

Quintin Weigand took third place in math / technology while fourth went to Ben Deragon, who also received a third AFCEA award supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Gavin Krauciunas took third place in science and first place in AFCEA award.

Third place in physics went to Forest Martin, who also won the Oneida Research Services Inc. Award.

Emma Taylor won the Doc Aaronson Award, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the Doris Miga Award.

Maddison Haver won the Pratt and Whitney Metals Inc. Award, the Association for Women Geoscientists Award, the NASA Earth System Science Award, and the Sally Lachut Majka ’61 and Donald Majka Awards in Earth Science of Conservation.

Other special award winners from Poland were Julia Oczkowski, who won the Oneida Research Services Inc. Award; Noah Lamphere, Asa Gray Biological Society Prize; Jack Hoffman, the Doc Aaronson Award in Biology; and Emily Smith, The Copernicus Award.

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