Phoebe’s best and worst relationships, ranking

Before Eric Dane Mc built the Gray Sloan Memorial, before Julian McMahon made Miami beautiful, and before Nick Lachey was asked to stay away from Tree Hill, all three men fell under the spell of Charmed’s Phoebe Halliwell. And they weren’t alone. In her never-ending quest for love, Alyssa Milano’s character crossed paths (and occasionally swapped vows) with a who’s who of 2000s television, and each applicant left a profound impact on her heart. In the spirit of celebration of those who escaped, TVLine takes a stroll back in time to remind yourself which of Phoebe’s relationships (including two demons and a cupid!) We will never forget. (Side note: all eight seasons of Charmed are currently streamed in glorious HD quality on Peacock – albeit with this questionable new theme song – in case you feel like doing your own deep dive.) Read on for our ranking of the seven main pairings of Phoebe. then Leave a comment with your own thoughts about their love life.

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