Penn Hills youth football organization celebrates 75 years with new technology


Sunday, July 25, 2021 | 8:01 a.m.

Penn Hills Midget Football Association bantam players, from left, Dylan Joiner, Joseph Joiner III, Joseph Shaviss and Isaiah Shaviss


The Penn Hills Midget Football Association field house


The field of the Penn Hills Midget Football Association Association

The pandemic has postponed the Penn Hills Midget Football Association’s 75th anniversary celebrations for one year.

But the time lost by the pandemic wasn’t a complete loss to the program.

PHMFA President James Bradley saw an opportunity to give the program a facelift. For the anniversary, the PHMFA created a new logo, renovated the field house and snack bar in Turner Friendship Park and created a website and an app for parents and members of the communication program.

“I tell parents, ‘For the first time you have a voice,'” Bradley said of how he wanted to improve the program. “There is no denying what my motives are here. I want kids to play soccer and I’ll do everything I can to get them to be here. “

The first training of the PHMFA was planned for July 26th in Friendship Park. Parents can register children for the team until August 6th. Penn Hills will open its schedule on August 22nd on the street against Gateway.

Bradley and Bethany Slaugenhaupt, PHMFA’s director of marketing, hope to bring the program into the 21st century with technology that can generate interest. There are currently 80 children registered for soccer and 35 for cheerleading.

The app allows communication with parents to keep them informed of the schedule, while also providing a place for people to talk and share photos. Bradley and Slaugenhaupt moderate the app and ensure that everyone involved is connected to the program.

Slaugenhaupt said that the group of parents who have used the app and website so far had a positive experience for everyone involved.

“Penn Hills Midget Football has been the only provider of micro-football for 75 years,” said Slaugenhaupt. “We’ve been on the Penn Hills program for so long. Creating this website and app that parents can be involved in in the same place is safe because we moderate it. Whoever is in the app is part of the program. “

The PHMFA is also looking for more players and cheerleader coaches before the start of the season.

Bradley is looking forward to the start of the season. He believes that with the improvements made, the PHMFA will continue to impress people who play games across the league.

“I’ve been in this fellowship and program for 20 years; it’s nice, ”said Bradley. “Everyone who comes into our technical room says, ‘I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen a program print things out with tags. ‘”

For more information, please visit the PHMFA website at or contact the organization at [email protected].

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