ONPASSIVE altering the best way the world works with its revolutionary expertise – press launch

Technological progress has a major impact on people’s everyday lives. The ever-expanding digitized world and the improvement of information and communication technology have changed the way society works so much. New inventions keep popping up and people are waiting for products that are sure to change the way the world works today. While many innovations offer good services and goals, ONPASSIVE takes them to the next level.

ONPASSIVE is the first complete internet solution with an ecosystem of partners, applications, providers and customers. They offer everything a budding business owner could possibly need and help with starting, maintaining and building businesses for one price under one roof. ONPASSIVE is a company with a community of founders from all over the world. The aim is to bring people together, lift humanity and do what is right for one another. With the necessary tools, these individuals can achieve the goals they were trying to achieve.

The company offers its customers a unique and different service. GoFounders, the founding members of the company, are given the opportunity to share in the company’s profits through their customers. With just $ 97 paid for a timestamped position within the corporate structure, interested individuals can become a GoFounder. ONPASSIVE consists of around 570,000 people and prides itself on being the only complete internet solution that offers their unique and new products.

Visionary Ash Mufareh, CEO of ONPASSIVE, uses his 25+ years of marketing experience to build this new giant technology company. Inspired by creating a next generation business solution for everyone, the company was built to create revolutionary AI systems. With over 200 countries around the world using ONPASSIVE, the CEO has been hailed as a great humanitarian worker and the company holds great promise for future generations.

ONPASSIVE aims to use intelligent data-driven solutions to improve the user experience. ONPASSIVE works to develop robust and efficient AI-driven automation tools that will transform companies and help them achieve their goals, and is committed to bringing the power of futuristic AI technology to SMBs, SMBs and larger businesses.

ONPASSIVE is based on values, excellence, innovation, leadership, integrity, respect, diversity and quality and distinguishes its brand from its competitors. Visualizing the future of this company is exciting to say the least. The word “hectocorn” is a term that valued a company at over $ 100 billion. ONPASSIVE has the products, employees, executives and founders to make this dream come true in the years to come.

ONPASSIVE will bring new products onto the market in the next few months. O-ACADEMY, an e-learning platform; O-STAFF, which automates resource management; and O-COUNTING, which simplifies inventory and financial management, are some of its promising products that are expected to make business transactions easier than ever. With over 50 products to be launched this year, ONPASSIVE aims to help business owners with its revolutionary technology.

Technological advances were part of normal life. However, such unique and revolutionary innovations are expected to change the way business owners conduct their businesses. More information about ONPASSIVE can be found on the website.

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