Ohio Pushes College Vaccinate, Students Start Today

Starting today, colleges and universities across Ohio will be offering COVID-19 vaccines to college students as part of the state plan. Governor DeWine said he hoped students would have a chance to get vaccinated before heading home for the summer.

All Ohio adults – and teenagers over the age of 16 – can sign up for vaccination appointments now. However, on Thursday, DeWine announced that it would work with colleges and universities specifically to give students quicker access to recordings before the end of the semester.

“I was relieved and excited because I really want the vaccination so I can go on my school-led trip this summer,” said Abby Diehl, a freshman at Xavier University.

DeWine said the state’s top priority remains to vaccinate those who are most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. However, vaccinating as many people as possible as quickly as possible is also important for the general response of the state to the pandemic.

“Honestly, vaccinating them on campus before they step out for the summer in early May and spread across the state is a strategic move,” DeWine said.

He pointed to data from the CDC, collected by the state, reflecting that while younger people are less likely to get COVID-19, they are major carriers of the virus.

Diehl said she just hope the vaccine can bring her a sense of normalcy.

“It’s important to our education,” she said. “We can’t really learn the best. Zoom can only do so much. I really look forward to the personal lessons so that I can build better relationships with my fellow students and professors.”

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