Ohio lawmakers are seeking to change where lawmakers’ wrongdoing could be prosecuted

One of the nation’s largest corruption cases is taking place here in Ohio. Federal attorneys are taking action against former Ohio House spokesman Larry Householder (R-Glenford) and the former head of the Ohio Republican Party for federal crimes, among others. But if there are state-level crimes, those could be affected by a change that was incorporated into a bill in the Statehouse.

Most of the state-level crimes committed by Ohio leaders are prosecuted in Franklin County, which recently, after more than six decades, has now served as a Democrat prosecutor. Democratic Representative David Leland (D-Columbus) says the majority of Republicans have tacitly added an amendment to an independent bill (HB286) that would change where leaders are prosecuted as a result.

“The Republicans are circling the cars, seeing the corruption in the Statehouse and Franklin County, and deciding they need protection. They need the home court advantage or an interest in pursuing these public corruption cases, “says Leland.

Leland says he wants to fight change.

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