Ohio GOP Senate candidates are in the air as Democrats consider options

The US Senate race in Ohio is in full swing. Both of the announced Republican candidates will be aired with television commercials, and new money will be pledged for a possible Democratic candidate.

Former Treasurer Josh Mandel’s first ad is an introduction that doesn’t mention either the race of the Senate or President Trump, although Mandel has clearly asked for his assistance.

Mandel can be seen in the advertisement in the public square in Cleveland saying, “This time of year we celebrate that God is always in control.” He then speaks of his grandmother being saved from the Nazis by a network of brave Christians who risked their lives to save their lives. I am not here today without their faith. “

It’s a small ad purchase that runs this Sunday.

In her second ad, posted on Fox News Channel last week, former Ohio Republican Party leader Jane Timken is direct against President Biden.

Timken attacks Biden over one of his first immigration orders, part of Biden’s “ruthless rhetoric and dangerous policies that are creating a humanitarian crisis on America’s southern border that threatens the economic and health security of Ohio families.”

On the Democratic side, the 314 Action Fund, which selects candidates from the science, engineering, and math industries, announced it was donating up to $ 5 million to support former state health director Dr. Amy Acton will spend after starting a website to encourage her to run. The poll found Acton leads through Youngstown area Congressman Tim Ryan.

Neither Acton nor Ryan announced that they were running.

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