Ohio couple adopts two pairs of twins to “keep them all together”

Two twin siblings found their homes forever after a couple from Cincinnati, Ohio adopted them the same day.

Almost five years ago, Karen and Tobias Thompson from Hamilton County agreed to be the foster parents of Karen’s now 14-year-old niece and nephew Wilmya and William.

Karen and Tobias Thompson of Cincinnati, Ohio adopted two twin siblings to keep them together. Photo: Screenshot / YouTube channel from WCPO 9

However, after hearing that the children’s younger twin half-sisters, now 9-year-old Sharnia and Sharleathea, who were in the child welfare system, Tobias encouraged his wife to bring her on board as well.

The decision was made after about a year in the Thompsons’ union. The couple met in high school but split up, eventually to start their own families separately. Years after those marriages ended, however, the couple reunited and eventually remarried in 2014.

Together they have seven adult children, 28 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, but after hearing about unspecified problems at home by Wilmyas and Williams, the couple did not hesitate to help.

Sharnia and Sharleathea have reportedly been permanently placed in foster care. So Tobias invited her to visit too. The man told the point of sale that the children “didn’t want to go home, back to the other foster home.”

On Thursday, September 9, the Thompsons made their family expansion official when they legally adopted all four children, according to Fox 26 Houston. “They’re family so we might as well keep them together,” Karen told reporters.

Although they had a difficult time initially, Karen said, “You can see the difference.” She added, “You’ve been through a lot … that’s the light at the end of the tunnel.”

In a post-adoption statement, Tobias, whom the children refer to as “dad”, said there was “no point in splitting them up. Hold them all together. “He continued,” Show them a lot of love. That’s all you need. Love.”

Judge Ralph Winkler, who oversaw the Thompson case, praised the two, calling them “a great example of what parents should be,” WCPO 9 News reported. Amber Sawyer, adoption counselor for the Hamilton County Job & Family Services couple, spoke on behalf of the Thompsons during the trial.

“I especially noticed how important family is to them,” says Sawyer. “You can just feel the love and connection in your home.”

It’s unclear how the children were put up for adoption in the first place, but William told reporters that the best part about the adoption process is living with Papa and Gigi, her nickname for Karen. “It’s best to live with them,” he added, “I love living with them.”

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