Nick Castellanos delivers quote of the year after the fight with Yadier Molina

Nick Castellanos, Cincinnati Reds. (Photo by Emilee Chinn / Getty Images)

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Nick Castellanos already gave us the best quote of the year about Yadier Molina.

After the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals had a brawl on the bench, right fielder Nick Castellanos unleashed the season’s best quote on backstop Yadier Molina.

Castellanos got thrown into that brawl but his Reds won 9-6 on Saturday afternoon in Cincinnati. For a man best known for homing in the middle of an apology from Thom Brennaman, Castellanos makes it again with that incredible quote Headlines. “This guy could have slapped me in the face and I would still ask him for a signed jersey.” I mean Molina is a great player.

Castellanos has a lot of respect for Molina: “This guy could have slapped me in the face and I would still ask him for a signed jersey.” #reds

– Mark Sheldon (@m_sheldon) April 4, 2021

Nick Castellanos would only shine with a Yadier Molina jersey

In a story as old as time, you never want to meet your heroes. Chances are they will never live up to the expectations you had on them in your head. God forbid you have to fight your hero because it’s a description of your job. Well here we are. Castellanos woke up the day before Easter thinking it was just going to be another day at the Great American Ball Park. He was wrong.

Having the stones to ask a grown man for a signed leotard after slapping you in the face like he hates your guts means you are shameless and a better man than me. It may be more uncomfortable than Brennaman’s home run call, but that’s only part of Castellanos’ career in the big league. He has to lean into the awkwardness and ask for a signed Yadi jersey. . .without being hit.

I mean, if your blood is all over a man’s jersey, then at least he can sign the thing for you.

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