Newlyweds Nick and Jessica: 8 Moments That Will Always Be Iconic

Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’s 18th anniversary means taking a look back at the funniest moments on the reality show (Image: © MTV / courtesy Everett / Everett)

Since Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica first aired in 2003, the MTV show has held a permanent place in the hearts of pop culture lovers thanks to the many iconic moments shared by Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.

In one of the purest reality shows ever seen on the small screen, fans got an eye-opening glimpse into the young Hollywood couple’s everyday life as they enjoyed their new marriage.

From older Atlantic City anniversaries to strained Home Depot shopping sprees, this pathetically short-lived series really had it all.

Their marriage may not have lasted forever, but the many iconic moments they brought into our lives are just as iconic today as they were almost two decades ago.

Here is a look back at eight moments that live rent-free in our heads.

When Jessica got confused about chicken and tuna

â € œIs the chicken what I have, or is it fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says Chicken … by the Seaâ ????
a???? Jessica Simpson, “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica” (August 19, 2003)

– RetroNewsNow (@RetroNewsNow) August 20, 2019

Who could ever forget that amazing moment from the very first episode of the entire show?

As the couple sat down and ate a few nibbles, Jessica asked Nick to clarify which animal product she was actually eating.

‘Is that chicken or is it fish?’ asked the singer. “I know it’s tuna, but it’s chicken … by the sea.”

The poor thing was a little confused because the type of tuna she was eating was called Chicken of the Sea.

When Jessica was incredibly confused about buying gasoline for her car

When you live as an internationally known pop star, you don’t have much time for normal everyday tasks.

This could explain why Jessica found it so difficult to simply pay for her gas at the gas station.

It turned out that she needed an ATM card … who would have thought?

When Jessica lets us all know she doesn’t eat buffalo

If we’re honest, the best moments on the show had something to do with Jessica and the food.

In another situation where the singer was confused about names and animals, she politely declined the offer to stick in buffalo wings for dinner.

“I don’t eat buffalo,” she said …

Oh Jessica.

When Jessica revealed her fear of whales eating people

Jessica almost freaked out at the thought of going near whales while the two of them enjoyed a break on a boat in the open water.

Nick tried to calm his wife’s nerves by saying, “Whales don’t eat people anyway.”

“You swallowed Jonah,” snapped Jessica.

Fun fact: the Bible says Jonah was swallowed by a “big fish”, not a whale. We hope this helps calm your fears, Jess!

When Jessica revealed that Nick has a hairy bum

8 newlyweds moments that will always be iconic

You don’t do reality shows like you used to do, do you? (Image: MTV)

There was a lot of talk about body functions, such as Jessica going to the bathroom to “drop children in the pool.”

However, her husband wasn’t always a big fan of this openness in conversations.

During one conversation, Jessica joked about how hairy his bum was before saying, “It’s good I don’t lick your hole.”

“Jessica, shut up. Just draw a line somewhere, ”Nick snorted.

When Nick got mad at Jessica for spending $ 750 on La Perla underwear

Another topic on the show was that Nick got mad at Jessica for her spending habits.

Of course, the 98-degree singer wasn’t impressed when his wife splashed $ 750 (£ 548) on four underwear.

Jessica brought the bad news over on the phone when she revealed, “I got two bras and two pairs of underwear and it was $ 750.”

To which Nick replied, ‘Why didn’t you look at the price tag?’

He was equally unimpressed that she spent $ 1,200 (£ 877) on sheets or when she bought him a $ 55,000 (£ 40,000) watch.

When Jessica came out of Nick’s giant cake in lingerie

Jessica wanted to do something very special for Nick’s 30th birthday, so she decided it was exactly what the doctor ordered to jump out of his cake.

The singer emerged from the Miller-Lite cake in lingerie and a push-up corset before singing Happy Birthday in a hoarse voice that would make Marilyn Monroe proud.

The fact that Nick’s parents were at the party too didn’t seem to matter much.

It was also the night when Nick was less impressed with her decision to buy him an expensive diamond watch.

When Jessica was deeply confused about sausage

Back on the subject of food, and Jessica had a pretty memorable conversation with her mom about sausages.

The singer was curious about the color of a bratwurst and called Nick to clarify some things.

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“Is it just a German pig and they are white inside?” She wondered.

You have to admire their curious nature, tbh.

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