New technology introduced in Dorset GP surgeries to prevent heart failure

NEW state-of-the-art health services are being rolled out to all GP surgeries in Dorset to address risks associated with heart failure and disease – a move that is also relieving the burden on the health system.

Dorset’s Clinical Commissioning Group is set to deploy a breakthrough remote patient monitoring platform called Hypertension Plus (H +) to help doctors and patients better manage and manage high blood pressure and related conditions.

It enables NHS clinicians to remotely manage a patient’s medication schedule based on the patient’s blood pressure results at home.

The platform developed by OMRON Healthcare enables patients to regularly enter readings from home, which are then sent to general practitioners via the cloud. H + then automatically creates tailor-made medication and treatment programs that doctors can review and carry out at their own discretion.

This has a number of benefits, including shortening GP appointment times, reducing the risk of Covid exposure, and improving patient outcomes. It is part of a broader move towards the digital transformation of the NHS.

The Dorset CCG recently received 2,000 OMRON Healthcare blood pressure monitors as part of this promotion.

Dorset surgeries are among 150 UK practices included in the roll-out phase managed by Clinical Commission Groups (CCGs). Other CCGs are encouraged to join the initiative.

Combined with a variety of home blood pressure monitors made available through the NHS at Home initiative, doctors and patients alike will be equipped with the latest digital tools for treating high blood pressure. When launched across the UK, it is estimated that Hypertension Plus will save significant GP time and that the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) estimates that up to a third of appointments could be cleared for hypertension.

Paul Stevens, Director of Connected Services and Solutions at OMRON Healthcare Europe, said: “Even before the current pandemic, long-term management of chronic diseases was a heavy burden on healthcare systems and a shortage of healthcare professionals is the norm across Europe. With Hypertension Plus, doctors can remotely adjust prescription drug use and enable patients to actively manage their condition to achieve significant blood pressure reductions, which can result in significantly lower rates of heart attacks and strokes across the UK and Europe . ”

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