New Seaside Restaurant is coming to Waretown, New Jersey

Be enchanted by the incredible views of Barnegat Bay and enjoy a unique dining experience. There’s a lot of exciting information to share here.

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April 30th marks the big day that local Ocean County entrepreneurs expand to a second location in Waretown. The team behind it Breakers Kitchen & Tap has had a whole new experience. In this case, it has a unique name, food, and properties.

The menu item you see above is Monkfish, which is also the name of the new restaurant. Presentation of the Monkfish Waterfront Grill! This unique home opens on April 30th at 2 Point Road in Waretown on the Key Harbor Marina.

Katie shared the story behind the name on Facebook: “We chose the name anglerfish because the anglerfish got its name. As a rather unsightly fish, the fisherman gave it to the monks at the monastery for free and thought they could never sell it.” A fish that is so ugly. But the monks knew it was the most delicious fish of all, with a juicy lobster taste. While the fishermen were throwing this ugly fish away to the monks, the monks went home knowing they would have a delicious dinner. “And the word is that anglerfish have been to Barnegat Bay.

There is so much more to know than just the name. Here are some highlights we can share:

  • You can dine inside and outside, take away or order through Doordash.
  • The view of Barnegat Bay is beautiful.
  • You will “dock and dine on boat slides”.
  • Try the “mocktails” mixed with fresh juice and cocktails.
  • Breakfast? Yes, from 7 a.m.
  • Bring your own, but packaged goods can be ordered in advance at sister restaurant Breakers Kitchen & Tap.
  • There are several seafood starters and main courses on the menu, including monkfish, fresh salads, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

Oooh, they also tell us that they are “hiring all positions”. Good luck Katie, Kelly and the new team at Monkfish!

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