New hands-free eye tracking technology creates a safer world

LONDON, November 25, 2020 / PRNewswire / –

  • Irisbond launches Hiru, the world’s first hands-free, multi-platform eye tracking device
  • Hiru enables companies to design and develop eye tracking capabilities for any type of technology. Computers, tablets, ATMs, entry systems, and even elevators
  • Irisbond signs contracts with companies in the fields of neuromarketing, automotive, research, Industry 4.0, smart homes, robotics, health and education
  • The eye tracking market is expected to triple and increase in value over the next five years $ 1.09 billion in 2025
  • Pre-orders from Hiru are available now

Today Irisbond – the pioneering start-up behind eye tracking technology – launched Hiru, the first eye-tracking technology that works on multiple operating systems and opened up a variety of non-contact technology solutions during the pandemic. From a computer to an ATM, an elevator or an access control system in an office building, Hiru contactless technology enables a safer, more comprehensive and pandemic-aware world.

Irisbond’s innovative eye-tracking hands-free technology has created a new way of communicating with the world around us, which has proven critical in the face of the effects of COVID-19. Advanced AI-based software algorithms, combined with the latest hardware, record eye movements and translate them into precise instructions on a user interface. The calibration process is very intuitive and quick, and calibrates the user’s eye in a matter of seconds. Irisbond technology is already used by the major market leaders for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and key centers such as the NHS with Smartbox. With Hiru, Irisbond can grow in a wide variety of industries in the UK market.

Eduardo Jauregui, CEO and Co-Founder of Irisbond:

“As a start-up, we take great pride in bringing the world’s first technology to market that can have a huge impact on any industry. With Hiru, companies have the freedom to design eye-tracking capabilities for any type of technology Undoubtedly a major advancement in eye tracking technology that has so far been limited to its applications. This introduction will improve key aspects such as cost, time and ease of use. One inspiring use case for Hiru is developing solutions that are suitable for people with reduced mobility that enable a more inclusive world for all. “

The Spanish startup signs key contractual agreements for Hiru to be used in various sectors such as neuromarketing, automotive, research, Industry 4.0, smart homes, robotics, health and education. Hiru is now available for pre-order November 17thand will be available for sale to the public from January 2021f. Working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ((WITH) Irisbond will jointly investigate techniques to further refine his algorithms.

The eye tracking market is booming

It is estimated that the eye tracking market is growing $ 368 million in 2020 to $ 1,098 million in 2025 triples in just five years. Of particular note is the high demand for this type of technology in the healthcare and marketing sectors, both for personalized advertising and behavioral monitoring.

The integration of this technology into different consumer industries is becoming more common and relevant. In the current climate where physical contact is discouraged and where limiting the number of surfaces people touch is critical, hands-free technology can make life much easier. Humans can only interact with their surroundings with their eye movements. With Hiru, everyday actions like calling the elevator or taking money out of an ATM can be truly hands-free.

From award-winning innovation to indispensable technology

Founded in 2013 by Eduardo JaureguiIrisbond is a pioneer company developing the first Spanish owned, manufactured and developed eye tracking software. The Spanish startup has received several awards, including the “Accessible Europe: TIC 4 ALL” and the ONCE Foundation’s Discapnet Award for barrier-free technologies. These awards recognize the company’s cutting-edge technology and its values ​​of innovation, success and inclusion, which improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Irisbond has been awarded the prestigious COVID-19 Certificate of Excellence awarded by the European Commission (EC). This certificate confirms highly innovative companies with high growth and internationalization potential to enter into agreements with strategic partners at European level in order to develop and expand their business and to alleviate the devastation of the COVID-19 virus.

About Irisbond

Irisbond is a Basque-based technology company founded in 2013 by engineer Eduardo Jáuregui. Irisbond is a pioneer in assistive technologies and bases its solutions on years of research and development. Irisbond’s advanced software algorithms, based on artificial intelligence, capture the movement of the eyes and translate them into precise movements on a screen. Thanks to this feature, every person can access all information in a natural, intuitive way and without the use of hands. Creating a new way of relating to our environment through eye tracking technologies. The technology is designed for use in areas as diverse as mobile devices, automobiles, smart homes, robotics, science, health, and manufacturing.

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