New breast imaging technology on the mountainside delivers mammograms in 3D and improves care

Montclair, NJ – Hackensack Meridian Mountainside Medical Center is advancing the fight against breast cancer with the purchase and installation of MAMMOMAT Revelation, an innovative mammography system designed to overcome obstacles to breast cancer detection and ProFound Artificial IntelligenceTM for digital breast tomosynthesis software for artificial intelligence that identifies potential malignant lesions quickly and accurately.

Mountainside Women’s Health Center team members with new 3D mammography unit.

“We are excited to bring this breakthrough technology to our community. 3D mammography technology provides high quality images and patient experiences to enable early detection, ”said Tim O’Brien, CEO.

The benefit of next-generation wide-angle 3D mammography

The MAMMOMAT Revelation’s image recording angle of 50 degrees results in the greatest depth resolution on the market. The result is clinical details that help deliver high quality 3D images that help doctors make a more confident diagnosis.

A high breast density can increase the risk of cancer. Revelation is the first mammography platform that enables automated breast density measurements during the exam, enables instant and personalized risk assessment, and enables Mountainside Medical Center to provide additional imaging during the same appointment.

“Early detection is key to treating breast cancer,” said Dr. Frank Yuppa, Medical Director of Imaging Services at Mountainside Medical Center. “3D imaging makes it easier for clinicians to see tumor sizes and reduces the need for patients to return to additional imaging to confirm a cancer diagnosis. This leads to less patient anxiety and higher patient satisfaction. “

Proven artificial intelligence for digital breast tomosynthesis

Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is a widely accepted advanced mammography technique for breast cancer screening. The DBT study volume is much larger than standard 2D mammography, and Profound Artificial Intelligence addresses the complexities of reading DBT exams. Research shows that ProFound AI offers improved analysis and enables radiologists to read DBT studies more efficiently and consistently.

“By integrating ProFound AI into our mammography program, our practice remains up to date and offers our patients the best opportunities for early detection and treatment,” Yuppa. “By streamlining and standardizing the analysis of a study with deep artificial intelligence, our mammography program will ultimately be more efficient.”

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