NASA released a brilliant picture of frosty sand dunes on Mars, Science News

Images from Mars are abundant these days. And it’s no surprise, because NASA has landed a Perseverance rover on the surface of the Red Planet. But NASA has more eyes on Mars. In addition to “Boots on Ground”, NASA’s “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter” (MRO) is currently in orbit around Mars.

The MRO sent a brilliant picture of the frosty dunes of Mars. NASA posted the picture on Instagram.

“… Our Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) beamed back another impressive image that was captured on the Red Planet and captured by our powerful HiRISE camera. This time it shows the breathtaking image of frosty sand dunes. The field of sand dunes takes a crater that extends 5 kilometers, found in the high latitudes of the northern plains of Mars. The streaks and other features are the result of sublimated ice that accompanies “seasonal thaws,” NASA said on its Instagram post The post is quickly approaching 1 million likes.

The image was clicked on by the MRO with HiRise, a camera on board.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter observes the geology and climate of Mars. It provides valuable information that can be useful in making decisions about future landings on Mars. MRO was launched in 2006 and launched into orbit around Mars in 2015.

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