Morning briefing: The community remembers Biancaroberson. The vaccination will continue after the mask mandate has expired. Phillies Bullpen Melts in Cincinnati | Local news

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The vaccination will continue even after the mask requirement has expired

An emergency order that required a face mask in Pennsylvania ended Monday, and cases of COVID-19 continue to decline, but many have not yet been vaccinated. Of Delaware County’s 560,000 residents, 258,350 are fully protected and 49,860 will be vaccinated at least once, according to the Pennsylvania COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard. District Councilor Christine Reuther said Delco continues to use pop-up vaccine teams, home programs and locations in Yeadon, Chester and Springfield. “It’s widespread. I think demand will skyrocket again when one of the vaccines gets full approval, “Reuters said. “Right now we’re working on providing accurate information and access to people who have had difficulty getting vaccines.

The murdered teenager Bianca Roberson remembered

Bianca Roberson is gone, but certainly not forgotten. Eighteen-year-old Roberson was killed with a single bullet four years ago in a road race on the Route 100 bypass. Daisies for Bianca: Spread The Love was created to reveal her life. Raised £ 6,000 or more than three tons of fresh groceries and groceries on Roberson’s behalf and $ 7,338 to aid the Chester County Food Bank. Collection boxes were set up throughout Chester County, and volunteers stood at the West Goshen ShopRite throughout the month collecting donations from shoppers at blackboards.

Police officers in the hinterland are brought to justice for child pornography

A man from Upper Hanover who worked as a police officer at the Hilltown Township Police Station in Buck County has to face the Montgomery County Court’s allegation of possessing child pornography. Matthew J. Rice, 47, of 1000 blocks on Ziegler Road in the Palm neighborhood of Upper Hanover, said he was in possession of child pornography in connection with the allegations in the district court of Judge Maureen C. Coggins on Monday. The preliminary hearings were broken off because of several offenses. An incident that occurred at his home between April and May. Reese remains bailed out on $ 75,000 while awaiting her next trial, which will be indicted in the district court later this year. After a formal hearing, the judge sets a hearing date.

Elizataral Memorial Garden Go signs in Towamensin

A memorial garden for the young residents of Towamensin who died last summer was successful. Township officials heard news from residents Kelly and Andrew Bertrazzi in the proposed butterfly gardens in Fischer’s Park to commemorate the late Eliza Talal. “On August 4, 2020, 5-year-old Elizataral slipped out of her house under a tropical cyclone, Isayas. For this beautiful, non-verbal autistic twin, Amber Alert and Community Search, it immediately moved on, ”said Kelly.

A man on trial for the Norristown gun murder

A Philadelphia man faces charges in Montgomery County Court in connection with his alleged role in the murder of a man in Norristown on Christmas Day 2012. Rasheed Abdul Farrell, 34, of 4,700 blocks on Penn Street, has been charged with one and three murders, conspiracies and illicit possessions after a three-hour preliminary hearing in District Court by Judge Gregory Scott. I was tried. Do not carry firearms and unlicensed firearms in connection with the fatal shooting of Paul Brown on December 25, 2012. Farrell’s next appearance later this year will be a formal indictment for indictment in the district court, after which the judge will initiate the trial Date.


Phillies Notebook: Another start of Spencer Howard Mini leads to another meltdown in the bullpen

Joe Girardi used starter Spencer Howard for only 2.1 innings on Monday night in Cincinnati, despite the bullpen attempting to drive the Phillies prematurely meaningless. Shortly afterwards it went on normally. Bailey Falter continued his impressive four innings to hit six, but the bullpen’s carousel began to spin. The seventh time I met Neftali Feliz. Neftali Feliz has increased the Phillies’ total save data to 21 in 76 games.

McCafely: A healthy harper can cure Phil’s disease

The move was aggressive and popular, and at that moment there was a sign that a meaningful commitment, Phillies, was badly needed. Phillies, unable to do the design work to revive the farm system because he waited too long for baseball success to take place organically, became the 26-year-old top-ranked Hall of Fame Superstar at 330,000. A power hitter and clubhouse leader who was all baseball players who spent $ 10,000. Except one.

Morning briefing: The community remembers Biancaroberson. The vaccination will continue after the mask mandate has expired. Phillies Bullpen Melts in Cincinnati | Local news

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