More counties in the greater Cincinnati area require masks as COVID-19 cases in children rise

As COVID-19 cases in children rise, more and more schools in the greater Cincinnati area are choosing to require masks for students.

a close up of a sign: schools and masks

Schools and masks

More school districts changed course this week. Hamilton City Schools introduced a mask mandate on Wednesday.


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Edgewood City Schools students and staff must wear masks from Thursday. It will last at least until the last week of September when the Education Committee meets again.

“At that point, the board will look at the data, see where we are, and they will either continue or not,” said Superintendent Russ Fussnecker.

In the district, 126 students and 27 employees tested positive for COVID-19 this school year. Hundreds have been quarantined.

“There were parents who were very stubborn, but if you put the numbers up, the numbers tell the story … We are much higher than the schools that wear masks,” said Fussnecker. “It got to the point where it was a mask (requirement) or possibly had a remote control and we don’t want kids at home.”

Hamilton’s mask mandate was triggered by the district’s attendance dropping below 80 percent last week. A few dozen parents protested the decision on Wednesday.

President Joe Biden is expected to unveil a new plan to fight the pandemic on Thursday. He is under pressure to offer schools more guidance as the number of cases increases.

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