Monkeys are at large in Cincinnati near Price Hill

The Cincinnati Zoo was called in to heal the monkeys.

Five monkeys are at large in a neighborhood of Cincinnati after escaping from a private collection – and the search is ongoing, police say.

The Cincinnati Zoo has been called to cure the monkeys, which were first sighted around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, FOX 19 reported. The Price Hill neighborhood search area is about 4 miles west of downtown.

The breed of the monkeys is unclear, but some witnesses say they are bigger than a garbage can, according to the WKRC.

Some of the monkeys swung through trees in a cemetery to avoid officials trying to catch them, WLWT reported.

Residents have also reported spotting the elusive primates.

“I just stood there when my eyes got used to the pitch black color and there I saw it, just stood there, bigger than a garbage can, and his arms were hanging down for a very long time and his arms were really thin,” said Alycha Tucker WLWT.

Some breeds of monkeys, such as lemurs and squirrel monkeys, are legal in Ohio. Other breeds are considered dangerous and illegal.

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