Molkki Check Today’s April 9, 2021 Written update episode: Prakashi will be exposed?

The upcoming episode of Molkki begins in which Prakashi Devi fears Virender will learn her true truth. Because she commits such conspiracies against Poorvi and Virendra, accusing him of ruining her young son’s life. He feels restless as he walks up to her and he believes that he has learned the truth, that he did everything against Puri and that he is responsible for her condition so that he will not let her forgive him.

Virendra hugs his mother and he thinks his real side is still a mystery so that she can carry out another of his plans. Knowing that it has been a long time since Purvi met her children, she sees that they are behaving strangely, which seems inappropriate, and she wants to know why she had to deal with it in Puri’s absence. . She pays some attention to Anjali because she does not expect this behavior from him due to his bravery.

After that, Virender comforts Purvi and expresses his concern that he has sustained some injuries that require some medication to be used in order for him to recover as soon as possible. He takes care of her, which makes Prakash Devi feel depressed and fakes her lame concern for Purvi by saying that she needs to take some rest until she is back to normal. Virendra explains to him that he doesn’t have to exert any pressure and Puri expresses his love for her.

Then Juhi and Manas praised him for both looking heavy and remembering him with all their hearts. Both children mention that if God separates them now, they will not endure this pain and will all live together now. On the other hand, Virender wonders who is taking this revenge from him and who is betraying him. He wants to find out the name of the person. Because he cannot take any risks for his health now, he must do something about it.

But Anjali doesn’t like her return to the house, she reveals again that she was rescued again because she lacked the planned security facilities. But due to her fate, she comes back and Anjali makes sure that her next plan will definitely close her chapter. But Pragya reassures them that now they must think twice before taking a step because Virender came here. So don’t forget to check it out on Colors at 10:00 PM and stay in touch for more updates.

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