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Aloha! I am a middle school teacher in Hawaii. My goal is to support science teachers around the world by providing authentic science lessons for distance, mixed, or face-to-face teaching. I have 15 years of teaching experience in grades 6 to 10, I have my Masters in Education and a National Board Certification in Early Adolescence in Science. My digital and printable resources give you the flexibility to edit and support a wide variety of learners. Thanks for stopping by my store!

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July 6, 2021

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This product includes a series of Cornell Notes, an Activity, a Presentation (PDF and non-editable) and a mini-quiz that is built into the presentation on mitosis that is part of my Cell Unit. This product is part of my Cell Unit Bundle that allows you to edit my Cornell Notes, PowerPoint Presentations, Tests and Quizzes.

This lesson covers the following topics:

• Mitosis

• chromosome

• centromere

• prophase

• metaphase

• anaphase

• Telophase

• Intermediate phase

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Product details:

  • Warm Up: Two true and false statements are provided to help identify what students know, what they think they know, and what they will learn. The warm-up exercises will be incorporated into the presentation, with the answers provided towards the end of the lesson.

  • Cornell Notes: There are three versions – filled, filled with standards, and filled in blank. There are essential questions. Notes are completed by following the presentation. There are five criteria for the Cornell Notes: Header, Student Notes, Main Idea Drawings, Summary, and Student Derived Question (Depth of Knowledge).

  • Presentation: Presentation guides give direct directions as students follow and complete their Cornell notes. The presentation repeats the statements of the anticipation guide from the beginning of the lesson and at the end (serves as a warm-up), has built-in mini-quizzes at the end of each lesson to check understanding (5 multiple-choice questions that the students answer on the back their notes), pictures to help you learn the material, and starter kits to help students complete the summary section of their Cornell notes (nuanced teaching). Do you want machining power ?! Buy the Bundle!

  • Activity: An activity follows the Cornell note to aid and strengthen students’ understanding of the content and to allow students to think critically by creating something new with the input obtained from the notes. There are five criteria: written part, art, color, reflection and an “excellent” component to encourage students to do a quality job.

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