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MALVERN, UK and LISLE, Ill., April 5, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Metrasens, the recognized leader in advanced recognition systems for security applications, today announced the introduction of its next generation recognition system, Cellsense Ultra, with Xact ID intelligent recognition technology. This redesigned detection system features expertly developed software algorithms and machine learning to enhance all-round detection performance while introducing data collection, reporting and system integration.

Metrasens took the opportunity to develop a breakthrough technology that pushes the category of detection systems to new limits. With these achievements, Cellsense Ultra offers its users:

  • Xact ID ™, an intelligent discovery platform that supports the software algorithms, machine learning and sensor design to enhance next generation system performance.
  • 70% better overall detection compared to our current market-leading technology that enables greater threat asset seizures.
  • Zone display, designed and engineered to be the most accurate on the market and most intuitive, with LED light displays evenly distributed over the entire vertical distance of the system to improve secondary shielding efficiency.
  • Improved environmental disturbance mitigation resulting in fewer false positives and expanded screening location options.
  • Data collection and reporting provide both operational intelligence and event tracking of the last 100,000 events to help manage usage and compliance
  • A cyber-secure network interface that enables centralized event log analysis, operational reports, covert alerts, and the establishment of a remote system.
  • A robust PCAP touchscreen user interface with user access restrictions to protect against unauthorized tampering.
  • System integration function for connecting the data output with other administration or security systems.
  • A sustainable solution designed to evolve additive performance, features and functionality over time.
  • Contactless screening that enables employees to maintain a safe social distance from the people being screened to ensure the highest level of safety

“Metrasens led the way in revolutionizing security technology and changing the status quo of contraband detection. Cellsense Ultra with Xact ID demonstrates our ability and determination to keep advancing detection systems and adding value to our customers,” said Dr. Simon Goodyear, CEO of Metrasens. “Having a 360-degree view of our customers’ biggest challenges has allowed us to innovate smarter and create a well-designed digital transformation that we believe will exceed expectations.” Goodyear continued, “If we do this during a pandemic and continue to step up contactless screening methods, it will be a great time to bring this product to market. Our customer pilot programs have been very successful and we are excited now, Cellsense Ultra broader available. “”

Cellsense Ultra with Xact ID is initially available in the US for correctional facilities, courts and related applications. Other regions will follow.

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