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Tyler Macenko, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati (UC), is the lead designer on UC soccer graphics.

Tyler Macenko, a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati (UC), decided to pursue his graphic design talents in Cincinnati after an early start in his career. Macenko studied marketing and entrepreneurship and started designing Cincy Details, an Instagram account he and friends created for fun, in seventh grade.

After digging into iPhone editing, Macenko moved on to his next embarkation during his freshman year. A Twitter page dedicated to the University of Michigan soccer team. There, Macenko’s contributions quickly reached thousands, which encouraged him to officially seek a role edit for a specific team.

At the age of 16, Macenko contacted the UC Bearcats. Six months passed before Macenko heard from the Bearcats’ recruitment office, which officially took him to the athletics office.

Macenko attributes part of his success to his early appetite for design. “Graphics are a big thing in college football programs these days, but it wasn’t back then,” Macenko said.

Macenko worked for Cincinnati football before most of the team’s current stars, including head coach Luke Fickell and quarterback Desmond Ridder. Despite being a fluent graphic designer, he says the hardest part of his job is the most critical piece that helps with recruiting.

Recruiting has increasingly become the dominant success factor behind college football, and Macenko’s work is one of the faces of Bearcat’s recruiting. Macenko says working on edits for every 700 recruits is the most challenging, but claims that one of the most rewarding parts of his job is National Signing Day, which is when college high school recruits get involved.

Tyler Macenko Art 2

Tyler Macenko appreciates the local kids who want to stay home and build in Cincinnati as they make changes for 700+ recruits.

“Recruiting never stops,” said Macenko, considering the fall as his favorite time as a designer due to the live soccer season. As for Signing Day, with processing more than 700 recruits, Macenko appreciates the local children who want to stay home and build something in Cincinnati.

He credits being “part of the team” and getting the background on why it is easy to do critical work. Macenko said winning the American Conference championship last season was the most fun experience he has had since joining the team.

In terms of last season’s success, Macenko saw the program “build up slowly all along” while personally helping improve the recruiting class each year.

After his career was in full swing, Macenko finally decided to major in graphic design. Macenko’s visual surgeon and personal Twitter accounts can help make his decision a success.

He is currently working on a potential avenue in sports marketing and design. “Right now you are seeing how valuable social media is to athletes,” he said. Macenko points to Joe Burrow, quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, as the athlete he wants to dream for.

The amount of passion and care shared by the people behind the scenes who want the team to be successful is what Macenko acknowledges as his most valued part of the program.

“Everyone has put all this time and effort into the program and this will be a catalyst for what UC will be ten years from now,” said Macenko.

Macenko is particularly excited about Cincinnati’s street game against Notre Dame because of the stereotypical “narrative” Cincinnati will face. “We can control our own destiny if we can make it on the field,” said Macenko.

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