Meet the Enquirer team for Greater Cincinnati

No matter where you live in Ohio, you have a choice this November.

You will vote for city, village, and parish trustees, the governments that control your local public safety, roads, and taxes.

They choose the school board members who, in addition to the usual educational issues, wrestle with decisions about masks and vaccinations.

They vote on the usual assortments of tax levies, bond issues and amendments to the articles of association.

The Enquirer is here to help you understand everything. Here is the team:

Sharon Coolidge

Sharon Coolidge

If you live in the city of Cincinnati, Coolidge is there for you. She will cover the mayor’s race between Aftab Pureval and David Mann, the race for nine seats on the Cincinnati City Council, and a controversial amendment to the statutes that would change the Cincinnati government in several ways.

Follow her at @SharonCoolidge and reach her at [email protected].

Scott Wartman, will host a debate in 2020

Scott Wartmann

Wartman, the regional policy reporter, will help cover the Cincinnati elections as well as other races in suburban Hamilton County.

Follow him at @ScottWartman and reach him at [email protected].

Erin Glynn, Butler, Warren, Clermont watchdog reporter

Erin Glynn

Glynn, a report for the American Corps member, covers Counties Butler, Warren, and Clermont.

Follow her at @ee_glynn and reach her at [email protected].

Madeline Mitchell is The Enquirer's new education reporter.

Madeline Mitchell

Mitchell covers schools, including local school council elections, which are attracting more interest – and candidates – than usual this year.

Follow her at @Maddiemitch or reach her at [email protected].

Enquirer columnist Jason Williams

Jason Williams

Our local political columnist Williams gives his opinion on what your elected officials are doing from Cincinnati City Hall to Washington, DC

Follow him at @jwilliamscincy or reach him at [email protected].

Breaking news reporter Briana Rice

Briana rice

As a breaking news reporter, Rice will cover races in the suburbs of Hamilton County.

Follow her at @BriRiceWrites or reach her at [email protected].

Kaitlin Lewis

As an Enquirer intern, Lewis will oversee The Enquirer’s online election guide and help with coverage of local races.

You can reach them at [email protected].

Political editor Carl Weiser

Carl Weiser

Weiser heads the local political team.

Follow him at @cweiser or reach him at [email protected].

Kevin Aldridge

Aldridge is the opinion editor for The Enquirer. Do you have a comment you’d like to submit? Send it to [email protected].

Enquirer opinion editor Kevin Aldridge poses at Cincinnati City Hall in downtown on Monday, April 16, 2018.

Kentucky has no elections in November.

Year round politics can join The Enquirer’s Greater Cincinnati Politics Facebook group, where you can talk politics to over 11,000 members in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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