Meet the Cincinnati Zoo’s pregnant sloth

“Blitz” the pregnant sloth is a bit of a contradiction. The Cincinnati Zoo mammal can be lively and does not want to interact with its partner “Moe” when hormone levels change.

Twenty-one year old Moe has long waited for offspring. His first girlfriend died and for two years he has been trying to get close to the seven-year-old Blitz.

Their romantic rendezvous finally took place and puppy # 1 is on the way. The zoo’s animal team leader Sarah Swanson blushed as she described their encounter. “There will be a lot of smell, smell and smell, and they will actually kiss each other with their tongues and wake up a little.”

An ultrasound will indicate the puppy is due in September or October and may be born in a bucket. This is Lightning’s favorite hangout spot.

Little know facts about sloths:

  • You feel good in the water.
  • In addition to eating fruits and leaves, the zoo also eats sloths like hard-boiled eggs and corn on the cob.
  • Puppies weigh less than half a pound.
  • You only go to the bathroom once a week.
  • They do not exert any energy when hanging.

Check out a video of Lightning here.

Lightning the Sloth at the Cincinnati Zoo by Ronny Salerno on Vimeo.

Lightning’s personality is assertive. “Sloths have a connotation of being slow and playing a lot of ball and just sitting down, but they can be very active,” says Ambassador Animals Curator Meredith Hughes. “And if a sloth wants to communicate that it doesn’t want anyone in its room, it can slit and move very quickly.”

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