Mariners Moose Tracks, 06/05/21: Travis Jankowski, Jewell Loyd and “the biggest scandal in sport”

Nice Saturday! We have some good things today, especially if you enjoy reading stories of massive organizational enforcement failures and / or laughing at poor baserunning.

In the Mariners News …

  • Good news on Evan White and Dylan Moore:

Evan White and Dylan Moore are currently training with the Rainiers at Cheney Stadium. Not in the line-up tonight, but a rehabilitation assignment will probably begin soon.

– Mike Curto (@CurtoWorld) June 4, 2021

  • Yesterday nine years ago!

The Orioles challenged the infielder Domingo Leyba from Arizona and sent him to Norfolk, activated Hunter Harvey from the 60-day IL and DFAed right-handed Shawn Armstrong and left-handed Brandon Waddell.

Travis Lakins Sr and Ramón Urías have also been recalled. Pat Valaika on the mourning list.

– Jon Meoli (@JonMeoli) June 4, 2021

  • Former Mariner Alert, Part 2! Farewell abroad, Sam.

Texas has sold Round Rock RHP Sam Gaviglio’s contract to SSG Landers of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). Gaviglio was signed as a free agent in the minor league during the off-season.

– John Blake (@RangerBlake) June 5, 2021

  • The USA-Canada game last night was bizarre – with umpires leaving the field for more than 20 minutes and a total misapplication of the rules – but Eric Filia had a decent little night:

All about the league …

  • RE: The last point when I say “bizarre” I mean it this:

A tournament official came out to speak to the umpires after the final. The referees, who have to leave the same exit as Team Canada, will be escorted by security guards.

– Kyle Glaser (@KyleAGlaser) June 5, 2021

  • The big story of the day revolves around illegal substances – although this time we’re talking about sunscreen and glue.

One ball was so sticky that players could pick it up in the palm of their hand. Another had visible fingerprints. A pitcher’s fingers were marked at airport security.

“That should be the biggest scandal in sport.”

With @alex_prewitt:

– Stephanie Apstein (@stephapstein) June 4, 2021

  • For those of you with ESPN + access, here’s a fascinating piece that combines all of the trending topics (i.e.: Reddit, Spin Rate, and Driveline).
  • Do we think there was ever a “2-Unassisted” between second and third place? I strongly doubt it:

This is the worst baserunning in Major League Baseball since … last week.

Travis Jankowski, the run that determines the game, gets caught on a ball in the dirt and is run over by the CATCHER.

Could go back to the bag. Might have tried to steal the third one. Instead, he just stood there # Phillies

– Shaun Nestor (@shaun_nestor) June 5, 2021

  • I appreciate Vladito’s honesty, but come on, the guy beats .335 / .440 / .665. Give yourself some credit!

Around the world…

  • For our resident gymnast Amanda, this is:

The story of Jurchenko: From the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don to the revolutionary vault by Simone Biles

– Emily Giambalvo (@EmilyGiam) June 4, 2021

My choice…

For someone picked # 1 overall, Jewell Loyd has had a disappointing career. When I think of top draft picks, I think of the Ken Griffey Juniors, the Alex Rodriguezes, or, well, the Breanna Stewarts. Loyd, on the other hand, has always been a Guardian who shot first and often, with extremely inefficient numbers. At least that’s how I felt – until this year.

But here we are in 2021, and while I am out here congratulating me for routinely waking up to my alarm clock in the mornings, Loyd is casually putting up the best numbers of her life. She averages 20.1 points per game at 47% shooting (44% of three), all career highs.

And last night, against the Dallas Wings, Loyd decided it was their chance at a star turn.

The four-time WNBA champions are 7-1, not least due to Jewell Loyd’s growth this season. Pretty fun to watch.

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