March Madness Final Four features revolutionary new technology in Ryff’s news advertising

Ryff’s Placer (™) render technology will help fans relive the incredible 2006 UCLA Gonzaga game with iconic advertising during the 2021 Final Four Matchup

LOS ANGELES – (BUSINESS WIRE) – # Gobruins – Fashion and sports stars change with age. The excitement for key moments is eternal. The connection between the two brings us together. These were the themes presented to the team at Ryff in order to apply the groundbreaking new Placer Platform technology to connect the 2006 Final for the UCLA / Gonzaga game with today’s exciting climax for the 2021 Final Four.

Avoiding previous attempts to integrate brands and products using post-production, the new Ryff platform uses GPU cloud-based image analysis and rendering to find new ways to tell stories.

“To be honored for a new company like ours in partnership with Coca-Cola, Universal McCann Worldwide and Warner Media is fantastic endorsement,” said Roy Taylor, Ryff Founder and CEO, adding, “It’s one Homage to Her You are able to take such a bold and innovative new approach to communicating brand messages in 2021. ”

Ryff’s groundbreaking placer technology uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and 3D rendering to virtually place products and brands in fully mastered and edited content. This methodology will turn the $ 23 billion branding / product placement market on its head.

The technology also drastically reduces the world’s carbon footprint, as cars, large-screen TVs and products no longer have to be transported to filming locations and influencers etc. worldwide.

“With Placer (™), Ryff partnered with a legendary brand to quickly bring memories of the past to life while remaining loyal to fans and developers,” said Genine Fallon, Ryff’s director of global public relations and strategy advisor. “What would have taken days and weeks was changed in a few hours.”

This opens up an exciting new perspective for well-known brands such as Coca-Cola to be able to react to the latest zeitgeist.

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About Ryff

Ryff is part of a new generation of Hollywood gamers who are rewriting the rules for product placement using our proprietary AI technology. We virtually insert products into fully mastered and edited content, including library content on OTT. Ryff opens new inventory so brands can reach audiences previously inaccessible and build cultural relevance.

About Placer (™)

  • Uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NVIDIA GPU rendering to virtually place products and brands – regardless of age – in fully mastered and edited content.

  • Automatically collects information about the content.

  • Reverse develops light and shadow data in a given scene, creates a 3D rendered model of the product, and then digitally inserts it so that the product looks like it was originally part of the scene, as if it was filmed on the original set .


Genine Fallon

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