Man arrested for burglary in Ohio, murders

MERIDIAN, miss. (WTOK) – The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with a break-in and multiple murders in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun said MPs were monitoring traffic on 20th Street last week when Jason Gray was stopped. He said Gray had a pistol that was later confirmed to have been stolen.

Ohio law enforcement had arrest warrants for Gray.
Calhoun said, with the help of several authorities, MPs arrested Gray at Union Station on Friday.
“I understand he’s a suspect in multiple murders in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. This agency was here. You found the evidence we had. They are continuing their investigation. This was great in the sense that multiple agencies are working together. It was as easy as a traffic obstruction. Other crimes will be solved, ”said Calhoun.
Calhoun said the Cincinnati police are bringing Gray back to Ohio to face the charges.

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