Lexus LS luxury flagship sedan 2021 by storm with new technology

Lexus LS luxury flagship sedan takes 2021 by storm with new technology, Image: Lexus media

Lexus LS luxury flagship sedan takes 2021 by storm with new technology.

The updated flagship of the luxury sedan Lexus LS is full of new technology, a new design and “even smoother driving performance”, according to the manufacturer. BMW’s 7 Series rival can be ordered in three trim levels.

An LS standard costs around € 91,000 with an optional premium upgrade package for € 8,889, which includes heated rear seats, an improved stereo system and four-zone air conditioning. The mid-range F sports equipment costs 99,981 euros and offers a performance-oriented body kit in addition to the additional equipment, including the brand’s new adaptive BladeScan headlights. The Takumi equipment on the top rung costs 122,000 euros and includes a digital rearview mirror, custom-made 20-inch alloy wheels and electrically adjustable 22-way front seats.

At the forefront of the LS range revisions is a revamped hybrid propulsion system that aims to improve the driving experience in normal mode. According to Lexus, the average LS spends 90% of its time and the driver only uses accelerator pedal inputs moderately.

The new technological additions include the BladeScan adaptive high beam headlamp system, as seen for the first time in the updated RX SUV, which uses a rapidly rotating mirror to project light from LEDs to provide better lighting compared to conventional systems and the digital rearview mirror Achieve improves rearward visibility. Elsewhere, the 360-degree camera gets a new pedestrian detection function, and there are new motors that tighten the seat belts when the pre-collision warning system is activated.

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