Laura Bell Bundy Debuts ‘Cash Ho (Let’s Get All the way down to Enterprise)’ Single & Music Video

In honor of Equal Pay Day, actress, singer and Tony-nominated Broadway star Laura Bell Bundy released her new single and new music video “Money Ho” today. The song highlights the power of money and highlights the injustices women face.

Says Bundy, “‘Money Ho (let’s get down to business)’ takes the classic ‘We’re in the money’ and adds hip-hop beats and modern sentiments to come up with a song about the worth of women. He explores those Transparency in the work space, free housework (the second shift), a system designed without consideration for women and determination for our financial independence. Nobody can do it like a woman. She should be paid for it right away. “

“Money Ho” is the fourth single from Bundy’s highly anticipated album “Women of Tomorrow”, due out May 7, 2021. The song by Bundy, Shea Carter, and Jeremy Adelman features lyrics that advocate women’s equality Pay like, “‘Little girl grows up / Learn to climb / Never take 6 cents for a dime.”

The Wizard of Oz-themed music video was animated by artist Brittany Campbell. Bundy explains: “Similar to the sociological metaphors from the original film, our video also reflects these messages. Our ‘Dorothy’ is a single mother, with ‘Toto’ as her little one in a baby carrier. She is shown in social welfare World beyond the rainbow and soars through the air to land on the ‘bad witch’ Sallie Mae. She is greeted by her savior ‘Glinda’ who looks strikingly like RBG and the ‘gold’ hits plated street ‘to get answers from On the way, she meets three other working women, all struggling to earn a fair wage or be financially independent. When they reach the ‘Emerald City’ that looks like Trump Towers, they eventually meet the Conman behind the curtain that cannot help you. “

“Money Ho” follows, Bundy’s poignant commentary on the American dream “American Girl,” her rousing portrayal of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” and the ultimate female empowerment anthem, “Get It Girl, You” Go “from tomorrow’s women”.

Inspired by the music of Glenn Miller, Doris Day, Peggy Lee and classic MGM film musicals, Women of Tomorrow, coming out in spring 2021, is a vintage sound, but not an issue. Like the current elements of pop that are scattered everywhere, this album sums up the experiences of today’s modern women. These original songs cover topics such as equal pay, breaking the glass ceiling, excessive apology, the mental stress of motherhood, women clashing, women holding onto unrealistic standards of beauty, social media obsession, female body ownership and doing all and the relationship between women and men.

The project is published through a partnership with ONErpm.

Bundy also recently announced their musical podcast, Women of Tomorrow, which delves into the issues each song presents on their album, exploring the history of those issues, and providing solutions for further development.

Watch the video here:

Photo credit: Jeremy Cowart

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