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Modern “Science,” we believe was born during the Age of Enlightenment when serious scientific inquiry was beginning to take root. In his youth “Science” grew by leaps and bounds, focusing on its three main tenets including the use of reason, the scientific method, and human and scientific progress. For many years “Science” stayed healthy and contributed to wonderful advances in every major discipline, from medicine to engineering to technology and psychology and countless other areas. “Science” has shaped all of our lives and improved all of our lives.

Like a rebellious youth when he grows old “Science” immersed too deeply in what might be termed social policy, which tarnished their sincerity, judgment, and credibility. “I am neutral” science insisted. “My believers are not influenced by opinions or politics” screamed science as it began its slow descent into insanity and insignificance. Science did not go down without a fight, however. “Trust me”, said science in an attempt to calm us down, as if repeating the same mantra over and over again to convince people that they are delusions.

As it got older “Science” began to be self-sufficient and caught up in a decade-long custody battle between liberals and conservatives, both of whom claimed to know better how to better look after it. “Science” got confused by the chatter from both sides of the political corridor, everyone claimed “Science” was on “their side.” When the ravages of time worked “Science,” it started mumbling gibberish (or the political equivalent of Joe Biden) and routinely distracting or deviating from the subject (or the political equivalent seen in Donald Trump), convincing itself of its worth, but it was nothing else as a fossil from another time, as scientific integrity meant something in my opinion.

In his last days “Science” fell victim to the voices in his head claiming that it still matters that “Science” shows that the earth will end in 12 years (climate “Science”); The “Data” shows that the November elections were rigged and polls are / are incorrect (political). “Science”); that a fetus is a baby … no, wait, it’s not a baby … no, wait, it’s somewhere in between (human biology “Science”); that guns kill people … no, wait, people kill people and any other data point on gun control and gun rights (criminology); that a feminist glaciology perspective is somehow of academic importance (although the “Scientist” emphasize the importance of research examining gender relationships, “Science,” and glaciers); that we should wear a mask … no, we shouldn’t wear a mask, maybe two (health protection) “Science”); and even courtesy of Cambridge University, “Scientist” who tried to understand whether a normal-sized person could have the characteristics of Spiderman (who knows?)

Unfortunately, science ultimately succumbed to the atrocities of the sociopolitical virus, a derivative of moral relativism where my truth is my truth and that alone is the evidence by which I believe.

REST IN PEACE, “Science,” you had a good life



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